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No property too big

Our window cleaning contracts range from small residential blocks through to large commercial, high-rise office buildings in the heart of Glasgow's city centre and surrounding regions of Scotland. With the latest high level, Reach and Wash pole cleaning equipment, fully trained staff, committed management and an impeccable safety record, DMS Cleaning guarantees to find a cost effective solution to any cleaning task.

Excellent safety standards

All activities are task risk assessed, and materials are selected and applied in accordance with COSHH regulations.

Why you need to clean your carpets:

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• Research shows that 80% of dirt in carpets is walked in on the soles of shoes.

• Traffic movement forces dirt deep into the carpet pile where it acts like tiny knives to dull and cut carpet fibres.

• Tea, coffee, wine, oil etc. bond the dirt to carpet fibres necessitating professional stain removal.

• Regular cleaning prevents permanent staining, makes routine maintenance easier and extends the life and look of carpets.